All American!

Happy Election Day!  Yes, I voted and yes, I am proud to say that I voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  I've kept away from the Facebook slander/bicker/posting all year... but since only a few of you read my blog, I figured it was ok finally state my opinion and not feel like I was just trying to throw it out there, just to stir the pot some more.  I'm not going to get into words of slander and try and convince you that my pick should be your pick - because honestly, it may not be.  We all want different things out of life and that's why we live in America - to be able to choose.  As long as you casted your vote today - I'll give you the right to complain and bicker and slander all you want. Doesn't mean you're going to change my mind or convince me it's right. But, hey - welcome to America, it's why we love it here, right?

Today and many times over the past few weeks I overheard or was told... what does it matter?  I'm just going to vote for Big Bird, he'd be a better pick then who we have running. Now, sometimes I do feel like that during campaigns... and the last time I felt that strongly about it, I ended up running for it {and winning by golly}, because I didn't feel like we are giving the voters a fair choice or a bright future ahead.  I don't think that's the case we have here today... however, debates and media sure do a darn good job and spoiling any and all hopes any of us had for a bright 4 years ahead.  Do me a favor, read about these two sets of men, look at their values, their backgrounds... and who they were before they decided to throw their name in the hat for one of the most powerful jobs in the world.

So, I'm done - that's all I wanted to say. I just want all Americans to feel like they have a vote and a voice and that it really is being heard... even if it's not on Facebook.  So, tonight... we're going to watch the votes roll while I enjoy an All-American Burger and fries... hope you do the same!

Cheers to America! 

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