Pete's Picks of the Week

Merona® Mali Tassel Flats - sale priced for $13.99 at Target! 


Cupcake Red Velvet Wine - just amazing.  

We polished off the entire bottle last night with J's homemade turkey spaghetti! 

Great napkins!!  

What could possibly be more fitting for the wine festival this weekend? 

Silk polka-dot blouse - Old Navy $26.99 

An adorable tailgating platter - $38 from the gifting spot 

Just in time for football season!

Black Suade Wedges from Payless - $26.99 and worth every penny. Adorable!

Bubble Necklace - $14.99 in teal!

I did lots of fun shopping this week - only a few of which I posted above.  

Let's just say thanks end of year bonus.. that finally got put to use! 

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