My Middle Bro turns 30!

Today's post is dedicated to my 14 month older big bro - hardly old enough to call him the older brother {and many are surprised that he is}, but I love him none-the-less.


Rob actually got to live 14 months of his life in silence {being the cute, little brother}... and then I came along! :)  I'm not sure if I feel worse for my mother, Clint or for Rob... but Rob seems to be doing well these days... and survived my lego destruction parties, princess tea-parties, stuffed animal wars and demands to dress him up.

Rob and grew up attached at the hip. The two youngsters of the clan - if Rob jumped, I jumped...  if Rob cried, I cried... if Rob wanted to go outside... so did I! You get the picture - we were best of friends from age 1- around 8, then we {Rob} were in school and decided we were way to cool to friends with each other. :)  I would say around 9th grade we decided it was ok to be friends again. And we spent the rest of high school pretty much right along side each other again. We mashed all our friends together and decided it would be way more fun to all hang out together... cause then we have boys {and they get to hang out with the girls}!

Terry Cove Summers ~ Circa 1980's

After high school, Rob decided to stay close and go to South for school... which was nice to still have him around, like he was still there in HS with me!  After I graduated, Rob joined the Navy {Insert 9-11} and I went off to Auburn with Clint. We wrote letters {yes, on paper} and he came to visit more than I could get away.... but we had fun doing our own thing.  I would say it was good sibling separation time {except, I got to hang out with the other one - I'm sneaky like that}. haha   Then Rob moved to Key West and I was leaving for Virginia. We had one last week-long celebration in Key West... that was by far more exhausting than anything.  I don't think I've ever left a vacation so exhausted, but we had a blast... and little did we know that 2 months later we would both meet our soon to be husband and wife and well, the rest is just history!

Roberto, I'm so proud of you and so happy to call you my brother {and an awesome father, husband & friend}!  You couldn't have picked a more perfect {wonderful} wife and you have two of the sweetest, cutest little ones around.  Today, I am sending you lots of love and hugs on your 30th!  Can you believe we're this old? WOW!

Clint, Me & Rob at my wedding ~ May 2011

I decided for your 30th it would be fun to share some fun!

I love you bro, Happy Birthday!

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