Bloody Mary Bar

This weekend was our annual wine festival and brunch here in Lexington, and I just wanted to share a fun addition to the party.  We had a bloody mary bar to jump start the morning and it was a hit!  I printed and framed a fun instruction sheet below for those who were not so familiar to the bloody mary drink.  We also served them in mason jars with lots of fixins's!

Bloody Mary Bar

1.         Fill your cup with ice
2.         Add 2 oz. Vodka
3.         Top ice with your spices & sauces - Feel free to get creative here…you can “Slap your mama” or “Punch your daddy” and don’t forget the hot sauce!
4.         Squeeze a lemon & lime on top
5.         Add 3 oz. bloody mary mix
6.         Shake Well!
7.         Garnish with celery, olives, pickles and more lemons & limes!
8.         Enjoy!! 

1 comment:

  1. What a kick start! I love the idea of writing a DIY recipe beside the Bloody Mary bar. Everyone will get a chance to be bartender. Sounds like fun!

    Rachell Mckitrick