A Smidgen of Sass

If you cook much at all in the South and have on your shelf an old family cookbook, you've likely read a recipe that calls for a dash, a pinch or even a smidgen of something or another. Now, while in cooking mistaking a dash for a pinch probably won't make a huge difference, in baking the difference could account for a big flop of one of your favorite family recipes.  Last weekend I came across the cutest Mother's Day gifts!  A set of three measuring spoons - a dash, a pinch and a smidgen.  Such a fun idea for the Mom that has everything... and only really needs a little bit more love in the kitchen!

So, what exactly do these measurements really mean?  Well, let's start with a dash - the largest of the three - would measure about 1/8 teaspoon. Most cooks probably have 1/8 teaspoon in their kitchen, so if your recipe calls for a dash - fish out the 1/8 teaspoon and use away.

A pinch would be the second of the group. A pinch is considered the amount in which you can "pinch" between your thumb and forefinger - or the exact measurement would be 1/16 teaspoon.

The final measure - a Smidgen - is the least popular, and also the smallest measurement you can have. It accounts to 1/32 of a teaspoon. Now, most people won't even notice this small of an ingredient missing, but foodies will - so don't forget the smidgen!

I found these at the Charleston open-air market, but The Weed Patch also has a great selection online.

Now you can enjoy your Southern recipes with a smidgen of sass.. just like grandma made them!

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