Off to the land of Lilly & Grits

I'm off for an adventure this weekend to one of my favorite cities of all time - the one and only - Charleston!  When I was 22, fresh out of college and ready for an adventure, I was one step away from packing my bags and heading off to this wonderful town - full of good food, great beaches and fabulous shopping!  Instead, I found myself on the road - traveling for my sorority {which i do not regret in the least}. It brought me so many amazing friends, mentors and a free trip around the country. Not to mention a fabulous husband and best friend, who I can't imagine my life without! We sometimes joke that instead of meeting in Richmond, I would have be-friended a good Lexington friend, who at the time was living my Charleston dream {and hers} and she would have taken me home to meet my future husband right here in little ole' Lexington. Who knows... I believe in Serendipity. :)  

One things I also know - is I can't wait to hit the road for Charleston. So, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things about this cute little coastal town. 

Fabulous Bow Ties for the hubs! 
{Charleston is also home of the most fabulous TJ Maxx - who also carries Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers and High Cotton Bow Ties!}

 Beach Time... Sullivan's and Isle of Palms are my favorites. 

 The open-air market. I can't wait to blog about my fabulous finds next week!

Good EATS!!  

Lilly Shopping 

A cold beverage at my favorite local tavern - Poe's.

And... I also get to see two of my very favorite people this weekend, Haley and her wonderful husband, Ryan!  They live in Beaufort, SC and are coming up on Saturday to have lunch. 

Can't wait to see you kids!  

Until Monday.... I'm off to eat some great food, soak up some sun and find some bargains!

xo, Tracy

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