Kitchen Towel w/ a Ruffle

A good friend of mine, That's What She Said, knows how much I love to craft - so on a recent trip back in March she found a bundle of fun spring fabrics that she picked up for me. {I do love all her fun surprises}  Since then, they have been stuck in my craft basket - just waiting for a fun spring project so they can be put to use.  Last night I decided to break them out for an easy craft project to brighten up the kitchen {or as a fun gift for Mother's Day - ;)}.

So, what we are making today is a Spring Kitchen Towel with a Ruffle - cute for decorating and {with much praise from the hubs} practical for everyday use.

Supplies Needed:
One white basic kitchen towel
Fun spring fabric {mine were pre-cut, but any cotton fabric will work}
Sewing machine
Stitch Witchery {or you can sew if you have matching thread}
Grosgrain ribbon for trim
{Ric-Rac if you want to add some pizazz to the end}

First, You'll want to make a nice double sided 4 x 18 inch rectangle with your fabric {depending on your towel - you can extend the length by 6 inches}.  I flipped the fabric inside out and seemed the ends, leaving the top open so I could reverse it and iron. 

After ironing your fabric, place on the end of your towel - 1/2 inch from the end. Be sure you are working with the finished side of the towel up. Keep in mind that it's good for the fabric to be at least three inches longer on each end of your towel to give you fabric for the ruffle. 

Get your ruffle started by pinning both ends of the fabric to the towel, so you'll have an even ruffle. 

Work your way from the outside in, pining the fabric in various directions to create the ruffles. {Keep in mind, the more fabric you have the more ruffles you can make}

Slide the end under your sewing arm and stitch down your ruffle, removing your pins along the way. 

One you have stitched the ruffle, flip your towel over- you will have a nice smooth backside of your towel.  Be sure you caught all of the fabric in your stitch, so it doesn't unravel on you later. 

Next, we are going to attach the ribbon to the front. 

Cut a piece of ribbon the length of your towel and match the back-side with a piece of Stitch Witchery. Be sure it's nice and stuck to the ribbon - let it cool and peel off the paper. 

Next, we are going to iron the ribbon onto the ruffle covering the seem and attaching the ribbon to both the towel and the fabric ruffle. 

Be sure it sticks to both sides before you start to iron it down. 

Next, iron over the sides so that they are nicely in place.  Trim the excess ribbon from the ends. 

Ta-da! You now have a finished ruffle on your towel.  At this point you can add the ric-rac to the middle of your ribbon, or run another simple stitch over the edges - just be sure and use the same color thread!

Enjoy your fun new towels - OR give them as fun Mother's Day Gifts! 

Happy Crafting!
xo, Tracy

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