I'm back!!

I was inspired today. Yes, to get back to blogging. I guess I just got busy and decided that spending more time in front of the computer wasn't exactly what I wanted to do with my free time, but this afternoon I was convinced (or inspired) by and few sweet ladies to get back to my blog. So I thought, why not? It is fun to share with everyone a lil' glimpse inside the Lyons' den from time to time... so here we go...

We just celebrated our 5th Valentine's Day together, 1st as a married couple!! ...and the sweet hubs got be beautiful flowers and a green amethyst necklace that was just beautiful! [and a really sweet card - that was the best part, but shh... don't tell - sparkly things are nice as well!]

I made some adorbale heart cinnimon rolls for breakfast (thanks pinterest) and we stayed in for the evening a made coconut shrimpers for dinner. It was a fun low-key night in our cozy lil house.

As for Jesse's Valentine - he got new running socks, yes socks & a cute bow tie. But, not just any socks.... Balega runing socks are simply the best around. Once you put them on your feet - you'll be hooked! Go ahead, give in... your feet with say thank you later!
Many thanks to St. Valentine for a nice relaxing day with my husband. It's really nice to just put away the work, put down the blackberry and just enjoy each others' company. So, while many may think it's just a "Hallmark Holiday," I may agree - but I'm happy to celebrate! :)

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