A day off!

Many thanks go out to our Nations' First President for having a birthday - and for letting us celebrate it! It was so nice to sleep in, check email in my pj's and then head to the beauty salon for a new do! (or just a half-inch trim, same difference) Isn't is the best to have someone else wash, cut, dry and style your hair? I could really get used to this.

While at the salon I also picked up my favorite hairspray - Aveda Air Control.

This is the only hairspray I use... straight hair, curly hair, up, down, curls... it works on every do. It tames fly aways but doesn't make your hair feel sticky. The scent is the best part - it smells refreshing and just like you left the salon!

What else to do on a day off than to cook & craft! First up this morning was french toast with strawberries & bananas for breakfast....

Chicken salad for lunch (shout out to the Kroger bakery - best rotisserie chicken salad I've ever had!)

...and I'm trying to decide what Pinterest recipe to choose for dinner. As or crafting, the day included a few headdress sales from A Mango Tree Shop and filling an Etsy order for a burlap table runner. I'll have to wait and share those pictures - don't want to spoil any surprises for anyone!

Now it's time for Ellen - such great afternoon entertainment.

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