Hello Snow!

Well Hello Snow! Thank you for joining us this winter. Seriously? It's almost March and you finally made your way into the Vally. I'm happy you're here... but your timing could have been a little better. What a day it's been. The hubs has been gone for the weekend and took an early flight to get home so we could have a fun day in the "big city" a.k.a. - Roanoke. But, Mr. Winter spoiled those plans by joining us at approximately noon - the same time he was supposed to land. Instead his plane was diverted to Richmond and all the passengers were left to fend for themselves. So, after a quick shout out to our good friends in Richmond, the hubs was rescued by a cadet heading back to school here in town. So, I headed home - and to Pinterest, were I kept my afternoon busy!

First, I threw together some ingredients I had in the pantry to make these yummy bites for the cadet that came to our rescue. Glazed Doughnut Muffins = delightful!

We even have a few left for ourselves.

Next, I tried out this yummy recipe from skinnytaste.com. The hubs loves mozzarella sticks - but he's trying to stick to our healthy eating this year, so this was a perfect welcome home treat substitute. All fresh healthy ingredients and pretty easy to make. He approved, as did I - I mean, who doesn't love anything with cheese??

For dinner we're having steaks (the hubs is braving the 4 inches of snow to get us a sweet treat from the grill), fresh roasted green beans... and these tasty tators! I've just pulled them out of the oven and they are fantastic - a keeper!

So, here we are ... the hubs is home(yay!) and grilling steaks and I'm updating my blog, because I promised I would start blogging every day. I'm just happy to be home in our warm little house about to dig in to some yummy din din! Shout out to Pinterst today for making a busy snow day into an afternoon of baking and lots of evening treats!
So, until tomorrow.

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