Getting Ready for Nanny Care

A happy hello from Miss Annalee on this rainy Monday!

We start nanny care in less than 2 weeks {tear - I know}, which means it's time to stock up on a few new items for Miss Annalee! I am not looking forward to heading back to the grind, but we have found a wonderful lady to keep Miss Annalee and I feel good knowing that she will be in good hands. I did however, just start thinking about everything I need to be able to send her off for a day - more diapers, bottles {and milk}, wipes, clothes, toys, the list goes on... so today I wanted to share a few items that are going to make the transition a little easier. 

My favorite kids tote comes from Baggu. My good friend Sydo uses it for her diaper bag and day care bag and she loves it. It's a year and a half in and holding up great! So, I ordered Miss Annalee the Duck Bag in Poppy, and am going to add a white monogram. I also love the sailor stripe that Sydo has for Collin. 


I ordered Miss Annalee some Inchbug labels for her bottles. I've given them for gifts a couple times and everyone says they hold up great.

The Lollipop Label Shop also carries cute labels for snacks, toys, sippy cups, etc.

StickEmUpLabels has a great selection of labels for kids too. I love these custom book labels. 


The most important thing - MILK! So we have to keep it chilled in the Medela Cooler Bag

I also ordered an extra set of Dr. Brown's feeding bottles for our nanny to have. The Dr. Brown's seem to work best for Miss Annalee - she can't suck them down as quick and they don't give her any bubbles. A win-win for me!

Baby Gear

Since we will be taking Annalee to our nanny's house, we will need to provide a pack 'n play for her to nap. We love the Graco Pack 'n Playard in Pasadena. It's a great playard for the right price!

Two weeks to go. What else have you found helpful for your Nanny to have handy? Please do share!

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  1. I knew you'd be sold on the Dr. Brown's bottles! Totally worth the extra time/effort it takes to clean. Don't forget an extra change of clothes (or two!) for the occasional (or daily) blow-out! Might not hurt to put an extra P&P fitted sheet in there too. Also...we keep a bottle of infant Tylenol in MM's bag with instructions on dosing included in case Susie the sitter needs it. She always calls to get the "okay" before she gives her any medicine which is rare but sometimes necessary with all the teeth she's been cutting lately. And MM has her own Wubbanub we keep at Susie's house...she sends it home weekly for washing but otherwise it stays there. Annalee is going to do great!