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Today was spent like most days, lounging from the sofa with the babe... feeding, burping, eating, online browsing, blogging, emailing, etc. I realized how funny it would be to look at our sofa now and a look at our sofa pre-baby. So I thought that would be fun to share on this beautiful Friday!

Pre-baby = pillows and a blanket

Post-baby = newborn lounger, baby blanket, burp cloth, Wubbanub, Boppy, breast pump, pumping bra and at arms reach: water, chap-stick and a hair clip. With lots of baby cards posted on the wall behind us.

Amazing how things tend to multiply for someone so tiny. 

We have a fun weekend planned in Lex with a few outings to Friday's Alive and two house-warming parties, a visit with the Hastings twins and lots of house cleaning and work. Looking forward to it after a busy week. 

Cheers to the weekend my friends! 

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