Happy July!

Happy July friends! Just some random thoughts on this happy July 1.

One. I finally got Miss Annalee's announcements ordered today. Many thanks to Karli who helped me design them and did a fabulous job! If you need an invitation or announcement, shoot her a note, she does a fabulous job! ...and if you're looking for a great deal on printing, Zazzle is offering an awesome Groupon right now. I can't wait to share them with everyone soon.

Two. The Hastings twins arrived yesterday!! Mom and babies are doing well and I can not wait to visit!

Three. We are getting excited for the holiday weekend ahead. We're having a small party on Friday night and I'm excited to do some baking and cooking over the next couple days. These are a few items on my to bake/make list!

Four. Next week, J is heading to Arizona for a work/play trip. Typically the wives and families are invited to tag along. Well, once we found out we were pregnant, we knew Arizona 3/4 weeks post-delivery was out of the question. So, we really didn't think much about it. Until last weekend. We started talking about it - and realized that she would be 6 weeks vs. 3/4 weeks old when J leaves.  So.... after lots of discussion, we decided that Annalee and I should tag along too! Eeekk!!! Let the crazy mom packing begin. Any travel tips with newborns? I'm open to suggestions!

Off to enjoy this beautiful day with little bit. Hope you are doing the same!


  1. girl! thanks for the shout out. you're the best!

  2. Ohhh I wanna hear how the packing and trip goes afterwards. Right now I feel like we will be in park for awhile until I gain the confidence to go. More power to ya mama!