Thanksgiving Traditions | Macy's Parade History

We are getting SO excited for next week! My brother and his family arrive on Monday and my parents arrive on Tuesday. Only one week until the Lyons' den is invaded with chaos... and I can't wait! We already starting prepping the house, shopping, and getting the kiddos room ready. I stopped by the library on my lunch break yesterday and picked up a pile of books for Emi and Lucas. They are going to be so excited!

Today I wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving Traditions and some new ones as well.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving. This is a newer tradition, but so cute. Since we have the kiddos in town, we'll be sure to read on Wednesday.

Bright and early on turkey day, we'll all bundle up and head to the Gobble Wobble 5K and Fun Run to start the morning off with a lil exercise. We'll be working the run, while the kids do the Fun Run and Rob and my Pops do the 5K. Karen will be helping out with face painting for the kiddos! It's always nice to get up and moving... and see how many others are out and about as well. I love it when families run together, it's such a fun tradition.
Next, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Recorded of course, so we don't miss any of it! I found this awesome history of the parade on Twitter yesterday and wanted to share.

Of course, there will be lots of Cooking by the ladies!

Quite a bit of Crafting! {You can find our crafting plans here.}

...and the Frying of Turkeys of course! We've been frying turkeys since I was so little I can't remember, but I always remember just how tasty they are. Those cajun spices, butter and OJ make that bird just so darn tasty. I can't wait to indulge! Of course, mom always bakes a turkey overnight, so we wake up to the smells of turkey. It's the best... as we are heading out the door to Wobble! What are some of your thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. I love Thanksgiving traditions. I've never heard of that book, though, I'll have to find it.

    We just recently started doing a run the day of Thanksgiving, we usually do it the weekend before. I love the parade, it's the best part of the TV day!