Turkey Day Recap and Advent Day 2

Well, we had a fabulous lil holiday this year. We stayed here in town and really missed our families... But loved taking it easy, sleeping in, and getting a jump start on holiday shopping and decorating. Here's a lil recap of how the weekend went... We started our holiday on Tuesday with what else... Mexican!

Donny T's did not disappoint and filled our bellies with extra calories to get the weekend started! After an early leave from work, haircut, and afternoon of baking... we had friends over for a drink and enjoyed a low-key night out on the town. After all, turkey day came early for us. 

That was at 5:30am.... With every piece of warm clothing on we could find. It was a crisp 22 when we walked out the door. The moon was shining though... Which pretty soon opened up to beautiful  blue skies for the 300 plus runners to participate in the 2nd annual gobble wobble in downtown Lex. It was a huge success!!

         {us at 5:30am}

After a much needed nap, I headed bak to the kitchen to get ready for our feast! We had such a wonderful evening celebrating with great friends and delicious food. 

After a second round of desserts and drinks at another friends place we decided on a slumber party at the Hastings and enjoyed a few extra bottles of champaign. :)

However the fun didn't stop there... we enjoyed a night at the Country Club with Gary Ruley on Friday night. 

...and of course Saturday looked a lil something like this:

Notice a common theme here... Food. Booze. More food. More booze. It was time to get back to the treadmill today!

We did squeeze in a lil bit of decorating {more to come} and also picked out our tree! 

My lil fox says it's Day 2 of Advent..

Cheers to a great month ahead! Tomorrow is #givingtuesday. Have you picked your cause yet... If not check it out at givingtuesday.com. 

xo, trace 


  1. So many food pictures, everything looks delicious! And I hear you about the treadmill, forget chipmunk cheeks, I think I've got chipmunk thighs :P

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. I'm with ya!! Thinking about getting into holiday party dresses is going to be fun! hah