Surprise Birthday Getaway

To add to the excitement of the holiday season... My 30th birthday was smack in the  middle of the celebrations! When I first looked at the calendar a few months back, I was sorta bummed. I knew we had work parties, friends parties, community events and dinners.... I thought my birthday would just get lost on the shuffle. But honestly, this was the most special birthday to date! Many thanks to all the love from my family and friends that made me feel so special. I'm a very lucky girl!

My parents kicked off the week with a present each day, that the hubs wrapped and numbered. 

Lots of little happies, they were all so fun!

On Thursday the hubs planned a surprise getaway. I wasn't quite sure where we were going until we pulled up... at The Greenbrier. Y'all, So beautiful!!! 

The entire resort is amazing... We did a bunker tour, had lunch, I had a spa day/massage, followed by afternoon tea, drinks, checkers, and a wonderful dinner in the dining room! 

The Mangos surprised us with a basket of goodies and bottle of wine, perfect for a birthday picnic on the way home. They also made my day by collectively sending "the 30 things they love most about tracy" via texts throughout the day. It was so sweet. :)  J's boss also sent a bottle of wine to dinner... And I got a serenade from the piano player at dinner. The perfect 30th Birthday getaway!

But the fun was just beginning... I came home to 30 balloons from Miss Molly Vice tied to our back door. 
So fun and thoughtful!! Love you, GF!!

Early evening involved more gifts from my bestie and parentals. 
Can't wait to have a Moscow mule, Ale!
Followed by a nice work dinner with J and his staff, who are like my family too. Love them! But little did I know that the celebrations were just the beginning! 

M&M surprised us at the Miracle (recap found here) and my sister in law made e the most fabulous hat for our tacky party! 

I could share tons of pictures from the party, but lets just say it was one for the books! 

... And brunch came early on Saturday. Little did I know that brunch at the country club was a disguise for a surprise girls brunch hosted by Jessie and Meg! I was so shocked y'all! It was super sweet. 

All my favorite Lexington ladies were in attendance. It was the perfect cap to the perfect birthday bash! 30 doesn't seem quite so bad after all. 

Thanks for all the love!

xo, trace 

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  1. I adore The Greenbriar pictures! And I'm so glad your 30th felt as special to you as you make others feel! Enjoy the time down south with your fam...miss you already!