5 on Friday

So today I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures, for the very first time, to join in on Five on Friday...essentially you post about 5 things...y'all know how random I am, so this is perfect for me!

So, here is my 5 on Friday.

{ONE} Cupcake's new Angel Food Cake Wine.  A little taste of heaven in a bottle. Yummy! 

{TWO} Birchbox. We could all say that I'm not the connoisseur of make-up or the hippest trends in cosmetics... so joining Birchbox has really brought me up to speed on what's new today!

{THREE} Perch Glas Charms. Are these not the cutest things you have ever seen. I can't wait to give them for a gift {or pick some up for myself!} Just Precious.

{FOUR} Utensil Caddy's. I have been looking for a fun caddy for parties and came across this fun one from Pottery Barn. Pretty cute!

{FIVE} Veritas Vineyards Starry Nights kicks off tomorrow! We are getting together with some old buddies and heading to Veritas for the first Starry Nights of the season. I can not wait for our picnic under stars and enjoying time with old friends while listening to some sweet Motown!

Wanna join in on the Friday fun? You can link-up on any of our four blogs every Friday! All you have to do is...

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