Well, Hello!  I just want to say I am SO sorry for ditching my blogging for the last two months... or month an a half anyway.  I have been from conference to conference and trip to trip... and little time to come up for air in between!  I finally finished my last big one of the summer - which I was working - so I am happy to be back to free time and blogging!
I wanted to take a moment tonight and talk about one of my most favorite topics {yes, this means food} and more specifically cheese!! I will admit - my love for cheese was not just something that came to me one day - it's really kinda scary how it's so much a part of me.  I realized this just last week when my folks were up for a visit. My parents don't just eat a lot of cheese - they could probably live off of it. They really should have bought stock in the stuff, they buy that much!  To this day, we actually have what has been dubbed the "cheese drawer" in the fridge and only cheese is aloud in {and yes - it's always full}.

So, during their visit to southwest Virginia last week we did the classic vineyard and brewery tour - but the highlight of the trip was a stop at the Amish Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft, VA.  This place is amazing!!

They have every flavor you could wish for - Swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, brie, Colby, American.... and many non-traditional ones filled with jalapenos or rosemary or basil. The list goes on and on.... and the best part, they cut it and package it right in front of you! You can even ask for samples!

We had the best time on this trip... and came away with plenty to stock our "cheese drawer" at home.  And the best part - we only paid $11.  So, if you're ever driving through Southwest Virginia - take some time to stop at the Cheese Shop - it's worth your time and will give your taste buds a nice treat! 

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