Wastin away in Indian Wells

We have been quite the jet-setters this summer, some for fun - but many for work.  Well, one of the work and play trips we got to take this summer was for FEA {The Fraternity Executives Association} and the location this year was a Indian Wells, California.  What a beautiful place - yes, it's HOT.  118 to be exact. But the landscape was something out of a movie - open desert, beautiful rocky mountains, sprawling golf courses and plush resorts speckle the desert oasis and make the heat worth it {well, almost}.  We were there for a week - leaving on a 6am flight put us in California just in time to snag some In & Out burger for lunch!
Now, I'm not usually the cheeseburger master - but this my friends, is one heck of a burger!

The first night we arrived we had the pleasure of staying in a casita at the LaQuinta Resort and Spa - and man, did we luck out!  Check out some pictures from this beautiful place...

Our room! {well, half of it anyway}
Our private balcony!

The lush gardens.
Our pool!
We even got towel animals.
This was one of the 36 tennis courts... and check out the mountains!
....and we had one relazing day at this pool before moving on to the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort.

This place was awesome too!!

A very different feel at the Grand Champion... much newer, and lush - more open and just as wonderful!
And, I'm pretty sure I ate these tocos for lunch every day I could!
We worked alot, ate alot more. drank. swam. worked. played golf. went for some runs. networked. worked some more... and enjoyed a small little vaca very out of the norm for us.  Heck, our golf team even tied for second! {yes, we played in 118 degrees... it's dry heat - yea, like that matters! ha}

The trip was a blast... but on day 7, we were ready for Virginia weather... and all of us were happy to head home!

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