Life at Work | Lots of Firsts

Well, as you can tell this working momma has been busy. Life back at work is good - so good - and Miss Annalee is growing like a weed and loves her "mi-mi." A look back at the last three weeks is a whirlwind. We've had a lot of firsts.

First day of Nanny-care.

First time sleeping through the night. 

First real laugh.

First Community Festival.

First trip to the coast!

First time with my toes in the sand.

First time meeting your great-grandparents.
...and aunts, and uncles, and cousins, etc.

First Mangofest.

First time getting sick. :(

First Auburn game.

First Labor Day.

First Wine Festival and trip to Nelson Co.

First time finding my feet.

We've been soaking up these precious days with Miss Annalee, so blogging has taken somewhat of a backseat. I hope to get better about blogging while back to work, but I'm still finding my routine. Annalee is becoming a pretty good sleeper, but that means she's starting to go down anywhere from 7-8pm. Which is great, but also means our hours with her are limited. I do get to stop by and nurse during the day when I can, but most days I'm in my office with the door shut pumping. 

I'll get back to the grind soon. Until then, cheers!


  1. Great catch-up post! Hang in there...you're doing great and Annalee is looking so good! You'll settle into your routine soon:-)