A weekend in the Windy City

This weekend was a fun get-away to the windy city! The hubs had meetings and work events most of the weekend, which meant fun time for me! There is nothing better than a couple days with no meetings, appointments, or phone calls. Best of all I was in a big city with mucho time to explore... which I did.

Just a glimpse of my day in Chicago...

Started the day off with a nice run through grant park and along the riverfront. 80 degrees and sunny is rare in Chicago- but so nice!! Next, a delicious salad at a small cafe on the Miracle Mile... apples, pears, craisons, feta and grilled chicken-Yum!

I discovered many fun new things on this trip... Raspberry Diet Coke is amazing; Forever 21 has an entire section dedicated to JUST floral prints- heaven!; Garrett's popcorn is one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted; and deep dish Chicago- style pizza should be it's own food group.


...and Garrett's popcorn to boot! Yummm!

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