five on friday... babies, crackers, and flowers!

Happy Friday!! We road-tripped it 13 hours yesterday to the coast to visit with our families this weekend and celebrate Baby Lyons! Leaving at 6am defiantly helped the day move by a little quicker, but it was still a long trip for a 7 month preggo like me. To pass the time, I slept a couple hours in the morning, then did some work, took a few phones calls and of course, did some baby shopping! Which brings me to my number one today. 

{one} These fun baby beanies are available on Eleventh Avenue today for $6.95. I mean, I couldn't resist the pineapples... hurry, one 1 day left on the sale!

{two} If you are a cracker and cheese fan like me, you'll love Triscuit's new Balsamic Vinegar and Basil flavor. They are a perfect little app, layered with some fresh cheese and tomatoes. 

{three} We made some major nursery progress this week! The hubs put together our ikea dresser and hung the new blinds. It's starting to take shape! 

Now just to order some knobs for the Ikea Hemmes. I'm leaning towards these brass pull rings from Going Knobs. There is a great DIY brass rings I found, but I just don't know if I could pull it off. Anyone ever made their own knobs?

{four} It's officially spring time in the south. Probably my most favorite thing about this time of year on the Gulf Coast is the azaleas and bridal wreath. Living in Virginia, we have some of the most springs, with tulips and daffodils and more forsythia than you can shake a stick at. But what we don't have is this. 
Our drive down yesterday was filled with road sides just like this one... a flashback to my childhood in Mobile. 

{five} Our baby shower on the coast is this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate Baby Lyons with the whole fam, including J's parents - who are driving down from NC to be here with us. I know my sister-in-law and bestie have been working overtime to get ready for tomorrow and we couldn't be more grateful and excited! Follow along on insta this weekend for a sneak peak. Full re-cap to come soon!

Cheers to the weekend my friends! 


Momma's, let's read!

When it comes to reading, I have picked up exactly zero books over the last 7 months. Before we
 got pregnant, I loved searching through stacks of books and pinning stacks of "mommy-reads" and here I am, over half-way in and not a single book in hand.  

Pre-pregnancy, I did read one book about motherhood, Green Sparkly Earrings, and I loved it so much I passed it along to a friend when she told me she was expecting. It's lighthearted and fun, and reminds you about the true joys in motherhood. 

Today, I thought I would share some of those many pins I have saved over the years' and see if anyone has some favorites?

So tell me, what are you favorite books right now? Especially those mommas out there. 


Catching up!

one. In celebration of the weekend {and lent} we pigged out on fish and chips on Friday!

two. We had a fabulous time at the Dinner Dance on Saturday. As usual, I took zero pictures of us, but stole a few from FB of the event to share.

Bessie the cow was raffled off. 

There were even caricature drawings!
The Hastings
Late night dancin'

three. On Sunday we finally used our china! Yes, it has been almost 4 years since our wedding, so we decided it was time.

four. We built a nice bed for our garden... but I didn't take a picture. Final garden updates to come soon!

five. T-minus two days until we head south for our baby shower. We are so excited!!

Happy Tuesday!


Baby Lyons | Week 27

How far along? 27 weeks

Size of baby: A rutabaga (13-6-14.8 in., 1.5-2.5 lb.) 

Gender: We'll know in a couple months! I'm feeling boy... but sometimes I think girl. We may need to start a poll, what do ya think?

Weight Gain: Had a quick little check-up this week and I am up 20 pounds from my pre-baby weight. They started measuring my belly and I was measuring a little ahead, but they also said it could have been how the baby was laying. They do think the head is down already - which is just crazy to imagine that I could be that close. Almost to the third trimester! 

Maternity Clothes: The warmer weather has finally arrived and I am loving my new wardrobe that comes with it. I haven't minded tights and long sweaters, but am so ready for less layers and more variety. So many of my dresses fit with the belly too - which is nice for sure. 

Nursery: New carpet is installed! I knew it would make a world of difference, but I think it still surprised me at how much better it looks {and feels}. New blinds and the curtain rod are in the room, waiting to be installed. Still deciding on window treatments, but I'm thinking they may be white as well. Hoping the hubs has time to put together our dresser soon!! 

Purchases: New category! I thought it would be fun to start sharing some little things we pick up for baby here and there. We have tried our best to buy anything yet, and wait until after our showers to see what we really need. But, this weekend was the annual Mom's-to-Mom's sale at a church in town, so I snuck over on Saturday for their half-priced hour. They had lots of little goodies, so I picked up a few little items for the lil cub. I mean, who can resist 50 cent onesies? 
A couple boy and a couple girl ones... and a few gender neutral. I mean, monsters and fish could be girly too, right? All we need are some bows!

Movement: Usually late at night or after meals I can feel the little cub moving around. The kicks are getting a little more consistent and stronger. 

Symptoms: Feeling great! Have lots of energy - which I think is because of the warmer weather - but still tire after long days or early morning work days. My feet are starting to ache more and I am just hoping that these size 11 feet don't grow any. Shoes still fit, so we are good there. 

Sleep: Still sleeping great! Have to stay on my left side, or I wake up with a sharp pain under my ribs... not sure if that's little feet or my stomach growling. 

Workouts: Lots of walking! Hit 10,000 steps on my fit bit 3 days this week, and 8,000 the other 4 days.  Much thanks to a busy work schedule, house work and the pretty weather! 

Cravings: Frozen yogurt and ice-cream. 

What I Miss: Nothing. Still occasionally miss my cold turkey sammies or a good glass of vino, but not so much that I didn't forget about it a few minutes later. I do miss running, but am enjoying some nice long walks in this gorgeous weather.

Best Moment This Week: Receiving our baby shower invitation for the coast! Ale and Karen did such a cute job designing our little "golden book" and we can't wait to celebrate with all our family and friends on the coast in just a couple weeks. J's parents are even driving down for the celebration. We are really excited to have all the family together to toast Baby Lyons! 

Looking Forward To: Taking Baby Lyons to the Chamber Dinner Dance this weekend. 


My favorite color is GREEN!

Green has always been my favorite color, which makes St. Patty's day that much more special. I mean, who doesn't love a day when everyone is wearing their favorite color?  It's pretty great.

Today, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things... in green. 

Green Apple Ginger Sangria

Green and burlap decor.

The perfect green studs.

Green love birds

How do you green?  Happy St. Patty's! 


Carpet and Sunshine

There is something about spending a weekend at home that is just good for the soul. We spent our entire weekend installing carpet and cleaning out, while watching lots of basketball and crossing off plenty of things on the to-do list. I guess when the idea to install carpet in all of the bedrooms came about, I never thought about the fact that everything in all three rooms and closets had to come out - all at once. ha! Somehow we made it work and now that it is done - I can say it was totally worth the effort. Waking up Sunday morning with plush new carpet under my toes was the best feeling - ok, maybe it was the fully dusted and cleaned room that also helped - but either way, it felt amazing! 

Friday night we snuck over to see Miss Hadley Rae, and it was so amazing to get to hold a new little one in my arms. She is absolutely perfect and Momma and Daddy are doing great. Welcome to the world, Hadley Rae! 

The rest of our night consisted of mostly this... 
...and a little of this. 
Anything for Bourbon.

Saturday morning, while the boys were moving all our junk, I decided to do a little baking for our new momma! 
I decided that healthy, easy-to-grab snacks would be the best to have around. So I put together some cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and baked some coffee cake muffins.  And of course a little something for the new addition to the family.

Afterwards, I snuck off to a moms-to-moms sale at one of the local churches and racked up on some good staples for the Lyon cub. I lucked out by arriving during the last hour of the sale {who knew that could be a good thing?} and everything was %50 off. I got onesies for 50 cents, a few outfits for $1 and an adorable Melissa & Doug play set for $2. It was fun buying stuff for the little one, and at the price, I couldn't resist both girl and boy clothes, just in case!

The carpet installers arrived around 11am and all three rooms were finished two hours later. It was done so quick.... and then the cleaning and putting back commenced. After a full truck load to goodwill, we got everything cleaned and back in place by 7 p.m. I'm just amazed that we got it all back in - and am still in sock at home much stuff we own. Here is a sneak peak at the rooms.
The Nursery

The bedrooms

Sunday was one of those early spring days that is just absolutely perfect. A cool crispness in the air, and not a cloud in the sky. I loved waking up early and enjoying a cup of joe on the porch with the warm sun on my face. We had a lazy morning, enjoying our clean house and new carpet. Afterwards, we headed outside, organizing the shed and porch, and planning for the garden. We ran our 101 errands around town and went for a good hour long walk exploring town. It was just beautiful out! 

I made one of my favorites, a hot corn jalapeƱo dip, and we soaked up the last rays of sun while J flipped some turkey burgers on the grill. 
We had our first little visitor to the bird feeder. 

Sunday Supper, turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. Hope everyone was able to soak up the beautiful sun like we did. Cheers to a great week ahead!


Baby Lyons | Week 26

How far along? 26 weeks

Size of baby: A head of lettuce(13-6-14.8 in., 1.5-2.5 lb.) 

Gender: Can't wait to find out.... in 14 weeks or so!

Weight Gain: Up a total of 18 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: You bet! Breaking out lots of spring dresses and maxi's. Got a few new things from Target's online maternity line {I feel like I can never find anything in the store} and love those. The blue dress I am wearing above is from Target - it's a great work to casual/anytime dress that will grow with the belly. I also picked up a few other goodies from Target - some on clearance for $9.98.

Nursery:  It's filling up with boxes and goodies! 

Movement: Feeling lots of little punches and kicks and I love it! J has even got the chance to feel a few little kicks! It's the coolest. I realize now why people love it so much and actually say they miss it when the baby is born. 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good overall. I am defiantly starting to feel the additional weight on my body, just achy and a little harder to get around... for instance putting on socks and shoes or bending over to pick up something is just funny. 

Sleep: Sleep has been wonderful - especially on our babymoon. One night I slept a straight 8 hours without waking up. It was fabulous!

Workouts: At my last check-up the doc asked that I stop running, he's just afraid of me getting hurt. So, it's been lots of walking for me. Still doing some small weights, just to keep up my arm strength and some yoga/pilates stretches and core with the ball. 

Cravings: Fruit, water, popsicles, milk, anything refreshing! Crackers, chips and cheese.  Probably enjoyed a little too much seafood during our baby moon {no tuna, sushi, oysters, or deepwater dwellers}, but I had my fair share of shrimp, crab and fish.

What I Miss: Nothing! 

Best Moment This Week: Our Babymoon was just the best! Don't miss my full re-cap last week. Also, I loved that J wanted to be involved in the "bump dates" and write his own version. It was really cute and something I will cherish forever. He's so excited about our little cub! 

Looking Forward To: Carpet getting installed this weekend, so we can finally start working on the nursery! 


Friday Fun

Happy Friday friends!! We had a busy little week here in town and are looking forward to a great weekend at home. Only one week until it's officially spring!! Who else is ready??  Today I am linking up with the ladies of 5 on Friday to share my top picks today. 

{one} We are hoping to get started on our garden this weekend. That really means digging out boxes and pots that have been buried in snow. Maybe starting some seeds inside to get a jump start! Do any of you have a home garden? I feel like everyone does these days... or maybe it's just Virginia? I found these adorable herb markers and thought they would be perfect for our little herb pots. 

{two} I found these great easter buckets for some of my mini's at a steal of a price - $12.99 monogrammed. They are perfect for an egg hunt! 

{three} Baby B is finally here and I'm so ready for them to be home already! I hear that new momma's always enjoy extra food, so I decided that having some pre-prepped, healthy snacks and goodies would be a nice little treat to come home to. I found a few great blogs on prepping here and here

{four} How much fun are these spring flats? If you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of pineapples! Also, love me some navy stripes - hints the baby's room. These are the perfect mix of fun and fabulous! Tuckernuck has some fabulous goods and you can get 10% off just for visiting the site. 

{five} We are getting our new carpet installed Saturday morning!  YIPPPEE!!! It's going to be crazy finding a place to stick furniture from three bedrooms, but it will be so worth it. I can't wait to share pics! 

Wishing you a happy friday - grab the button below and link up for some 5 on Friday fun! 

Cheers to the weekend!