Valentine's 2017

We had a sweet lil Valentine's Day on Tuesday. Annalee's sitter was off for the day, so I stayed home with my gal. We had the best day!
Hadley and Kara came over for an early morning play-date, and the girls had a blast. We had doughnuts and applesauce, played blocks and babies and cooked a lil in the kitchen. Then we hit up the playground for some swing time and slide time. PS- My child has decided she's no longer terrified of the swings... thank goodness. I was getting a little worried about her.... jk.
After naps and lunch Annalee came to work with me for a few hours... which was interesting, but fun. Thank goodness my staff doesn't mind a few toddler interruptions.

After work we played with Dad and opened cards and goodies. This was our sweet card from Annalee's!
And after  lots of play time, little miss went to bed, and Dad and I had spaghetti night at home. Which was SO delicious! It may have been the best spaghetti I've made.... or maybe it's just been that long. We stuffed ourselves with caesar salad, garlic bread and lots of spaghetti. I even popped open a little bubbly... sparkling cider that is, while the hubs enjoyed a bottle of our favorite Malbec.
We were in bed by 10pm and it was still the perfect Valentine's with my loves. My how things have changed over the years. Well, last year was about the same... lots of time with our sweet pea.


Awesome-sauce Valentines

Happy Valentine's week, friends!! Annalee's sitter is off tomorrow, so  I am looking forward to spending a fun Valentine's Day with my sweet-pea, but today she has her class party, so we made fun little 'toddler-friendly' Valentines to share with her friends.
We picked up go-go squeeze applesauce pouches and I downloaded this free printable from Savoring The Good. Just print, cut, tie them on - and you're ready to go!
They turned out so cute and Annalee was excited to share with her friends today!
On another note - my child slept until 7:15 a.m., so I actually had time to blog. I'm feeling like this is a good start to a Monday!

Have a great Monday to everyone!