A D.C. Getaway

We traveled to Washington, D.C. last week for a work meeting and then stayed over the weekend for some fun in the city with our good friends! It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but relaxing and really a great time! Just a few highlights...

We ventured out and hit lots of hot spots for dinner and bevs, including Old Ebbitt Grill on night one... The Hamilton on night two... followed by drinks at the Round Robin in the Willard Hotel, and Off the Record in The Hay-Adams. Two really swanky DC bars that made you feel like you were right on set of Scandal or House of Cards. It's amazing to be in the energy of that city... it never stops.
Round Robin | Off the Record | Old Ebbitt Grill

Friday night we had a low-key dinner and caught up with our good friends, Show and Leigh. They cooked us a wonderful meal and we downed a few tasty bevs before heading out to a neat area of bars in their neighborhood. The Adams-Morgan neighborhood is adorable, you are in the city, but feel worlds' away with the beautiful brownstones and tree lined streets.

Saturday we hit-up the D.C. zoo, which is part of the Smithsonian, so it's free - thank you government! After a round-trip tour with the animals, we headed to a local "preppy DC bar" called Town Hall for some football and wings. They actually serve your beer in a koozie - heaven! 

One last highlight of our trip was dinner at B Too Saturday evening. Simply A-mazing! It is a Belgium place - and we joked going in about it being a waffle bar - low and behold, even my venison was served with a mini waffle. I loved it! 

All-in-all, a great weekend in D.C. Thanks for the good times Show and Leigh, we can't wait to come back and visit! 


Meet Warby Parker

There are some things in life that you just don't realize you're missing out on. Some are fun and exciting adventures that you don't even know exist, others are everyday adventures or outings that you've just never had to take. Like a trip to the playground to let the kids play, or a road trip with your 12 year old's baseball team for state tournament... or maybe a trip to the international wiffle ball tourney. One can dream, right? What I'm really talking about today is more of the mundane things in life that you only do if you have to or need to... such as a trip to the eyeglass store to pink out new glasses. Thus, the topic for my blog today. I didn't wear glasses growing up, and although one of my brothers could have certainly used a pair {sorry, Rob}, neither of them did. Nor did my parents {until age 50 when they picked up some dollar store magnifiers}, so we never had an excuse to make the trip to pick out frames.

Fast-forward twenty years and during one of my hubs and I's first trips to the mall I spotted some neat frames in an eyeglass store, and said, " Let's go in an try on some new frames, didn't you say you wanted some?"  His face said it all... "why do you think this is fun?"

I had never thought about the fact that trying on glasses at age 25 was totally different for those that had never lived through many years of childhood enduring awful trips to pick out glasses... dreading having to put them on and walk in class on the first day of school. Hello ruthless 4th graders with nothing else to do than pick on the new kid with glasses. All that to say... meet Warby Parker and the home try-on box. You simply go to their website, pick out five frames that you'd like to try and they arrive on your door step in 2 days, free of charge!
I loved their packaging, so clever - and such a fun way to jazz up picking out new glasses {for all ages}
I even tried on a pair for fun... I could sport some Warby's!
Many thanks to my girls, Ale and Dottie for introducing me to Warby Parker. J has a fun new pair of glassed en route to Lex!


AOII | Pumpkin French Toast | Falling Spring Falls and Sunday Supper

Happy Monday readers!

Good weekend?

Ours was a good mix of work and play, however, as always, it went by too fast!

Friday morning I headed to Boone, NC to visit with my AOII gals. They had sisterhood round of recruitment. It was exciting to get to attend an actual parties and see the excitement on the young ladies faces coming through recruitment. They have no idea what's in store for them... a lifetime of sisterhood and friendships. Just a few pictures I stole from their chapter advisor from bid day.

Saturday I headed back to Lex for a small going away cheers to Alecia and Curtis! We managed to take a girl pic to say hello to Kara.
We're going to miss you guys so much, but I am SO excited for your new adventures in PA!

Sunday we had the Hastings over for a delicious fall brunch - hello Pumpkin French Toast. So, So Good! If you're looking for an easy fall breakfast and something to use up that extra bit of pumpkin you have from leftover fall baking... this is your ticket.

After breakfast we decided to get out and explore a little in Virginia. We headed west towards West Virginia to Covington, Va. and enjoyed exploring their small quaint little downtown. Next, we headed up into the Alleghany Mountains to soak up the views. The leaves are just starting to change and the air is warm, but crisp! We found a treasure in the mountains as well - Falling Spring Falls.
It was beautiful!! Such a fun little sunday outing with the hubs! 

We had a delicious Sunday supper, Maple and Mustard Glazed SalmonSmashed Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Creamed Spinach. One word - yum. Healthy, easy and full of flavor.

Cheers to Monday friends! Where did the weekend runaway too... 


Orange & Blue for the Heezey

It may be a Thursday.... but it's game day for the Auburn Tigers!! This may be our first Thursday game in ages, but it's a big one. The Tigers are headed to Kansas State for a big non-conference/top 25 match-up tonight and I can't wait! Any excuse to chat about my favorite color combo is a happy day for me! Today, I wanted to share some fun orange & blue items to add a lil Auburn to your heezy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pouf / Alabaster Lamp / Meadow Pitcher / Pillow / Croc Tray / Alabama Cutting Board / Tiger Door Knocker / Duvet Cover / Chirp Pillow / Cathedral Window Guest Napkins / 3 Oranges on Blue 
 {sorry for the funky collage, was working from my laptop with no Indesign last night.}

Don't forget this free downloadable print for your room!
Have a wonderful Thursday friends! With an Auburn game tonight and a road trip tomorrow for work/sorority fun, it feels like Friday to me. Cheers to a great weekend!


The Tassel Trend

Who knew that tassels would be so hot this fall? Last summer I went to a fashion preview at Julian Golds in San Antonio... and when they said that the tassel was coming back, I almost laughed out loud. We all know that what we used to consider as "not so fashionable" are now the hottest items on the market. Like many of those trends, I'm not usually the first to jump on the band wagon. I mean - tye-dye, stone-washed denim, neon - heck, even bell bottoms have made their debut, left, come back around, and are gone again {don't worry, I'm sure they'll be back}. One trend I never thought I would get into was the tassel. However, after seeing them around for a year or so, I'm starting to warm up to them.  Here are my favorites:

I also love the tassel for decor. Here is a great idea for a simple and easy DIY tassel garland. 

Are you loving the tassel trend? I haven't made any purchases yet, but I'm thinking after #nospendseptember, a few purchases may be in store. 


Bacon, Basil and Peach Burgers | Pumpkin Favorites

For Sunday supper this week we kicked-up burger night {just a tad} and tried something new - the bacon, basil and peach burger. Y'all, it didn't disappoint. It was delicious!
We followed the  Recipe  exactly, with the exception of the jalapeƱos because we forgot them, but I'm sure they would be delicious! 

We had a really productive, low-key sorta weekend and are so thrilled that fall is finally here! It was a crisp 70 this morning, and I couldn't be more ready for pumpkins, sweaters and delicious fall treats. Kara and I ran into each other at the store Sunday and got excited for some pumpkin baking... so after  picking up some pumpkin and applesauce, we dove into some pumpkin recipes. Here are two recipes I'm going to try this week.

Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

It's nice to have a productive weekend at home to do some planning for the week. I actually ironed shirts for J and myself... and ironed our whole stack of napkins. I sorta felt like susie home-maker ironing on a Sunday morning {which is totally not me}, but it was nice to see them all done. 

We also made a meal plan for the week, hoo-ray! 

Here is what's on tap for the week:
Sunday - Bacon, Basil and Peach Burgers with Sweet Tator Fries
Monday - Leftovers for T, Meeting for J
Thursday - AUBURN GAME = Pizza and Salad Night!
Friday - Tracy traveling. 

Have a great week, friends!


oh hey Friday | FREE Auburn Printable

So happy that Friday is here! It's been a busy - but quick- week and I am ready for two long days with nothing to do. Well, maybe watch some football and do a few little house projects, but not sit at a computer for 8 hours, that's for certain. Let's get to it with my five on Friday. Linking up with September Farm for her oh hey Friday series!

Since it's football season, I thought I would share some of my favorite Auburn goodies today. I put together this cute printable and wanted to share with all my blogger friends - War Eagle!
If you're looking for some auburn gifts, Smather's & Branson has a great collegiate section of items. These coasters are on my wish list for the fall season.

Saw this shirt on Elise's blog and had to share. How more perfect could this be for a girls night in? 

Tomorrow we are heading to Roanoke for a Bill Engvall show. Ever since the hubs and I went to Second City on a trip to Chicago in 2008, we love comedy shows. I wouldn't exactly call myself a connoisseur of the trade - but it's a fun outing that gives us something different to do. I'm looking forward to a night in the big city!

Leaving you with a fun quote from Joan

Cheers to a great weekend ladies!


Thoughts for Thursday

I guess a Sunday well spent lead to my week of content... and not blogging. Sorry guys! I'm back today to share some thoughts on this lovely thursday.

I'm looking forward to our first batch of Pure Eats doughnuts for the fall {hello Friday morning walk}. If anyone remembers the year of free doughnuts that the hubs scored had last year, you probably wouldn't be surprised to know that we haven't bought a single one {ok, from Pure Eats} since our last month expired. That was March peeps... I'm ready for some fried dough covered in sugar from our local hot spot.

Julia over at Pawleys Island Posh is hosting a giveaway for Smather's & Branson that ends today. Hop on over to her blog for a chance to win a needlepoint belt and see some other great stuff they have to offer.
#nospendseptember is going pretty well. I've been documenting the closet remix as well to see what clothes I am actually wearing every day - makes me feel sorta good about getting dressed in the mornings and thankful for what I do have in my closet that fits. {we won't talk about what doesn't} I've even discovered a few gem's in the closet that I had forgot about.

As much as I can't believe it, it's almost Halloween and time to start thinking about spooky treats and decorating ideas for the new heezy. With a new house for the holidays, I can't wait to start crafting and brainstorming new decorations to fill our new rooms {of course, after #nospendseptember is over}. I saw this cute banner on GroopDealz this week that I thought was fun and a whimsical way to welcome the spirit of the season

Have any little lady pumpkins in your life? This adorable little miss pumpkin tote and onesie are today's daily deals at Personalization Mall. Monogramming included. 

I'm sending out my love to all the families and friends that lost loved ones in 9-11. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you, especially today as the 13 anniversary comes and goes... the lives of those lost will never be forgotten. May God bless America!

Grab the button above and link up to Annie and Natalie  on your Thoughts for Thursday post.

Happy Thursday friends!


A Sunday Well Spent

Happy monday friends! We had a really fun weekend in lex, visiting with friends, crossing number 4 off my bucket list and enjoying our local wine and beer festival. Here are few pictures from the festival on Saturday. 
The view from the horse center - just stunning!
Hanging with the Hastings
Saturday night was spent watching football and ordering pizza - so nice after a long day in the sun. 
Sunday we were exhausted and got in a little house work done before just relaxing on the deck, attempting a batch of homemade ice-cream - that looked way better than it actually tasted - and enjoying a good southern sunday supper of meatloaf, greens, hopping' john and cornbread. Nothing like a good plate of home cooking to kick-off this fabulous fall weather! Fall finally here... and I'm so happy to have ya!