Sole Society | Spring Shoes

Instead of soaking up this frozen wether today, I'm dreaming of spring flowers, warm days on the porch and flowy dresses. And what goes better with spring dresses then some fabulous spring shoes?  Here is a sneak peak at some of my favorites from Sole Society.

The Danna

The Danielle

The Sher

The Jenn

The Sheila

They also have free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Happy shopping! 


House Remodel: Guest Bedroom

It's been awhile {9 months to be exact} since we moved into the new house and I still haven't updated the blog much on final house renovations. Today, I wanted to share the guest room - which has seen it's fair share of visitors since we moved in, and one of my favorite rooms in the house. Maybe because it's one of the only rooms that is fully decorated and usually clean. But, it also holds lots of special treasurers and memories, including my great-grandparents furniture. 

Duvet Cover - T.J.Maxx
Pillowcases - Pottery Barn
Throw Pillow - T.J.Maxx
Curtain rods were picked up in Goshen, one of our favorite spots in the county.
Framed Prints are from the market in Nola on our Engagement trip in August 2010.
The cotton is from Baldwin County, Alabama - close to home for me.
Blue vase - Ross
Guest Book - T.J.Maxx
Sweater chest - Old Time Pottery, circa 2002
Sheep skin throw - Ikea
Pottery Bowl - Artists in Cahoots
Candlesticks - Old Time Pottery
Large Mason Jar - O∆K's Centennial


A Surprise Fondue before Baby is Due!

On Friday night, we got together for a girls night celebration and a surprise mini baby shower for one of my dear friends that is due in just under a month. It was a total surprise to her, and so much fun to celebrate Baby B!

This was a quick easy way to dress up the den - a burlap banner with ribbon {and the cricket, of course}. 

We had a delicious chocolate fondue

...and a fabulous beer cheese fondue!

I dressed up these cute little dipper sticks with a little paint and glitter! 

The momma-to-be and the gals trying out some chocolate!

And what fun is a baby shower without some cheesy games? We played two - Celebrity Baby and Wishes for Baby. Both are free downloads and were easy and fun to play!

You can never have enough diapers and wipes.

Group pic!

We have such a great group of ladies in Lex and we were so excited to welcome Baby B into our group of friends very soon.  Love you, KB! 


Five on Friday

Well, it's been quite a chilly week here in VA. Today we woke up to -4 temps and today's high shouldn't be getting much above 10. Those numbers are just crazy to me. This Alabama girl is just not made for it. However, I am getting more used to it... or just learning to dress a little warmer. O, and not standing outside at all helps too. :)  Joining the ladies today for five on Friday. Here's my five.

{one} For Valentine's day the hubs got me some new jams from VS and I am in love! They are so soft and snuggly and perfect for the summertime. Our for you momma's who will be lounging it lots of jammies soon.

{two} I am loving this navy-striped skipper dress from Tuckernuck. It's the perfect mix of dressy-casual and great for spring and summer. I'm thinking this may be a purchase for post-baby summertime.

{three} I was given this book for my birthday back in December and it's still sitting on my night stand. I am looking forward to another snowy weekend ahead, so hopefully I can get dive in. I miss my reading time and am looking forward to another sappy Emily Giffin book.

{four} One of our biggest projects left to do in the nursery is the closet, so I've been doing some research on the best organization. This is one I love and especially love the baskets from Land of Nod. You better believe those are on the way to the Lyon's den. I can't wait to have this closet done - it will certainly be the most organized closet in our house,

{five} I am hosting a girls night tonight and can't wait! I decided to mix it up a little and go with a fondue party. I'm so excited to share details. I am going to try a few new recipes for cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. I hope they prove to be just as delicious as they look.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - we are looking forward to a lazy weekend at home and getting some more house work done.


Baby Lyons | Week 23

How far along? 23 weeks

Size of baby: A grapefruit ( 10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 oz) At our last ultrasound, baby weighed 1 lb, 1 oz, so I'm sure he or she is up a few ounces since then. 

Gender: Keeping it a surprise! 

Weight Gain: Up a total of 15 pounds from my pre-baby weight. 

Maternity Clothes: You bet! 

Nursery:  Looking really great! Cleaning out and finding space in the house for all my crafts was interesting - but we made it happen. The lil' cubs closet is now empty and ready for some painting, carpet and creative renovating. Spending lots of time on Pinterest and blogs getting creative for storage. So many fun ideas!

Movement: Still waiting. patiently. :)

Symptoms: Nose bleeds are still common in the mornings, small aches and pains in my sides or lower legs. Starting to feel some general discomfort from sitting too long or laying. A little bit a nausea this week, but couldn't really pinpoint what from. The belly is certainly growing... last night after dinner, I was laying on the sofa and my belly was lopsided - you could see how the little babe was laying on my right side - that was so neat to see! Just a sweet reminder that he or she is there. :) 

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby thanks to my snoogle. Up once for a visit to the potty, and then back to bed... however it's so much harder to get myself outta bed now. 

Workouts: Started the week off with some sprints on the treadmill - felt pretty good. Got in one more trip to the gym, which also felt great. Workouts are defiantly tiring me out more quickly, but make me feel so much better afterwards. We have had below freezing weather all week and snowed in for two days, so it's been hard to get out much. Certainly looking forward to spring! 

Cravings: Fruit and water. Cheese and crackers. Fruity Pebbles! Peanut M&M's and powdered doughnuts - very random. Mostly still eating pretty healthy, with the exception of a mini doughnut or two with my daily cup of joe. :)

What I Miss: Moving a lot slower - so being about to get things done quick or go, go, go. Otherwise not much. 

Best Moment This Week: Celebrating Valentine's day with the hubs... cleaning out the nursery. {Romantic I know} Having the lil cub on the way is such great motivation to get rid of lots of junk that we no longer need. Also, loved our dinner out Saturday night and our Mardi Gras celebration on Sunday. My mom and pops sent us our bassinet for Valentine's Day and that was so fun to put together. It's now sitting in the nursery and is such a fun reminder of what is to come!! 

Looking Forward To: Feeling the little cub kick. I've felt some here and there, but am so ready to really start feeling some movement. Also looking forward to another weekend at home and our girls night on Friday! We've all been so busy {and three of us are expecting} so it's been hard to find some time to just hang-out. We also have a child care and birth class on Sunday with two other couples - excited to learn a little more about caring for our little cub! 


Baby Lyons | Baby prep and purchases

The snow I have been wishing for all year has finally arrived - in droves! We got a good 8-10 inches last night and woke up to a winter-wonderland this morning. We've finally started getting some "baby planning" checked off our list these days, so I thought I would share some updates. First of all, we have pretty much finished our registry - which is never really complete, right - but it's getting close.

We decided to use Baby List for the registry - with friends and family all over the country, we wanted something easy for them to view, use and select items for Baby Lyons. Although we don't get the in-store finishing perks, I think this is the best way to keep everything in one list - rather than tracking two or three registry's at once. We have heard awful stories about Target and how they never have things in stock... and never update your registry, so you get multiple items. Well, Baby List takes out the question and puts in all in the users hands. Now you can select yourself and be sure the item is removed from the registry. Seems pretty simple to use - I guess we shall see!

For Valentine's Day my mom and pop purchased our bassinet for us! It was so fun to open and of course, put together right away. We decided to go with a simple portable bassinet that can also be used for travel from the babe is really small. The Delta Travel Sleep Solutions bassinet comes in great simple colors that even matches our  master bedding too, so I think it will blend into the bedroom well for those first couple weeks or months.

As I mentioned during our bump-date last week, we splurged and purchased a snoogle! I held off for the longest time, because I really didn't think it would make much of a difference, but I was totally wrong. I used to be up 3-4 times a night, usually waking myself up and then taking a trip to the bathroom since I was awake. But, since sleeping with the snoogle, I'm usually up only once! It's been life-changing for a pregnant lady.

A few weeks ago on one of my road trips I made a pit stop at Target to do a little walking... aka, shopping of course. We all know the first thing {after hitting up the dollar bins, of course} you see when you walk in are the ladies swimsuits. whomp, whomp. I know this should be depressing to think about right now, but just seeing the bright colors got be super excited for summer. There is not doubt that I love summertime and would live with my toes in the sand if I possible.  I decided to take a look and this year bought myself a couple "Baby Bump" suits for this summer.  I have a really long torso, so one pieces just don't fit me and tankini's really look odd on me.  I did find a cute tankini-syle that had a nice open front, which broke up the long look of the fabric and also made room for the belly. Also love the flounce tops, which gives a little more coverage. These are the two I picked!

Last but certainly not least... speaking of warmer weather and sand. We decided to finally book our what everyone so affectionately calls, a baby moon. After taking a few long car rides and getting more and more uncomfortable - we decided it would be good to take once soon, so we booked it for three weeks from now. Eeek! I'm so excited to have one last getaway with just me and the hubs and relax a little. More on the baby moon location to come, stay tuned!


Mardi Gras in Lex

We had a wonderful weekend at home, spending time with good friends, working on the nursery, celebrating Valentine's Day and the best part - celebrating Mardi Gras in Lexington! The thing is, when you leave the little bubble of the Gulf Coast, it's like this fabulous month long celebration doesn't even exist. It's a shame really - I only wish I could share the excitement of Mardi Gras with everyone I meet - which is why I was so excited to find out that the Mardi Gras celebration was coming right here in little ole Lex. The Georges put on quite the celebration, complete with a jazz brunch, beignets, a second line band and after party.


sausage flatbread scramble, roasted red pepper grits, eggs benney, and andouille hash
{yes, I wanted to eat them all - but , don't worry - I shared. haha}

Bourbon milk punch. For the hubs of course. 

Second line parade!

...followed by an after party party at TAPS! 

It was a bitter cold weekend - complete with a light snow and 25 mph winds, but our Sunday celebration made it not even matter. Mardi Gras just makes everything that much better! Hope you are able to find a little Mardi Gras celebration near you - and if not - have yourself some jambalaya and call it a day! Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!