Happy Friday!

Hey Friday!!  We've had a great week, but it's been busy. Even though my weekend is going to be filled with sorority recruitment - I'm excited for the break. Today I am linking up with the gals, and sharing my thoughts for five on Friday.

ONE. No office is complete without a little bit of fun, right? I'm loving my new gum ball machine from my parents. It makes the office a little more fun, especially on Fridays!  You can get your very own online.

TWO. My new job hours give me an extra 30 minutes in the morning - which feels like an eternity during these cold winter months. I know I'm really going to love it come spring when I can get out for a long run {ok, walk for now} in the mornings! This is how I've been filling my mornings lately.

THREE.  I love writing thank you notes, and especially when it comes to baby gifts! I found these sweet notes at Hallmark {couldn't find any online to share} and couldn't resist. One fish... two fish... little brand new fish. 

FOUR.  Our old neighbor came over this week for cocktails {and mocktails} to see the new house and visit. It was so much fun catching up, we miss having her next door! She is an amazing knitter - teaches classes to kids after school and even started her own knitting club that has become a huge success in town! For our wedding she knitted us the most amazing thrown for our sofa, that is still my all-time favorite blanket. So she couldn't resist making something for the lil cub. Look how sweet these little hats are? 

FIVE.  We still have a few things on our "house to-do" list before the baby arrives, and one of those is picking out a light fixture for above the kitchen table. I'm really loving this picture April posted today - I love this light fixture.

If you'd like to join the 5 on Friday party, grab the widget below and join in the fun.

Have a great weekend friends!


Baby Lyons | Week 20

How Far Along? 20 weeks... halfway there!! 

Size of Baby: A banana (6.5 inches long, 10.2 oz)  

Gender: Saving this surprise for June!

Weight Gain: Last check-up, I had gained 11 pounds total from my starting weight, but that was 2 weeks ago... and I'm feeling like this lil cub has really grown since. 

Maternity Clothes: Broke out a couple gifted items from Shannon this week. They certainly are coming in handy. The closet variety is getting slim. Looking forward to warmer weather to break out my dresses and sandals.

Nursery:  Is currently a mess - but the closet is empty. Our way of organizing was to take it all out so we could see it - and then maybe, just maybe things would slowly disappear. We'll see how this process goes. 

Movement: I think I finally felt a little nudge this week - but nothing distinct. So ready to feel the little cub and J is too!

Symptoms: Mostly just tired. Belly is growing and I'm slathering on the body butter. My feet still occasionally fall asleep, but they say that's normal. Headaches when I don't eat every two hours, but have been pretty good about keeping small meals with me.

Sleep: Sleeping great - up a few times to potty {and sometimes eat}, but otherwise getting in some good rest. Some nights I am awake longer during the night trying to get comfy. Laying on my back is not an option anymore, so getting used to sleeping on my side. Sometimes an extra pillow helps.

Workouts: Umm.... does walking around town count? If not, this means I only got in one run on Saturday and one trip to the gym for a walk on the treadmill. 

Cravings: Still loving Cheerios, but splurged on the crunch this time. A-mazing! Craving lots of fruits and peanut butter. Going though a gallon of skim milk a week at the house, which is double what we normally consume. Anything with PB means a cold glass of milk is necessary, right? One night I made Jesse cook me a grilled cheese - at 11pm - totally normal. haha

What I Miss: Had a couple nights where a big glass of Malbec sounded wonderful... but I poured me a lil Fre, and it did the trick. I don't think I even finished the glass, but it was still fun. 

Best Moment This Week: Enjoying Our first baby shower with my old staff at O∆K. They threw us a little going away/baby shower last Friday and it was so sweet. We got our first little outfit, booties,  washcloths and a cute towel. They also got us our rock n play and baby book. So excited to start filling it in - my baby book is one of my most favorite things from my momma and I wanted to be sure to start early, so we actually get one done. 

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound next week!! Even though we aren't finding out the sex, I am so excited for the anatomy screening. Hoping and praying for 10 fingers and toes and a sweet little nose. 


Weekend Getaway | The Inn at USC

This post is a week delayed, but I still wanted to share a little about our weekend getaway to Columbia, SC last weekend. My old boss invited us down to join the staff and boards for a lovely reception and dinner to say goodbye after my four + years on staff. It was a quick trip, but so nice to see everyone and say goodbye!

We stayed at The Inn at USC - a Wyndham property that just happens to sit right on campus at the University of South Carolina. It could best be described best as a boutique hotel that blends historic splendor with contemporary comfort and amenities. The original house was built in 1910 and was a single family home until the 1970's when the property was seized by the city. Plans were made for a parking lot to be put in, but many thanks to the historical society that never happened, and an idea for an inn was born. They have won many awards for the historic preservation of the inn - building the hotel right into the lobby.

The original house has three suites that are just incredible. Original fireplaces in each room and beautiful four pillar beds are the highlight, with fully renovated bathrooms that include jacuzzi tubs and marble tile. The give you all the charm of a B&B, but the price of a traditional hotel.  Many o the other guest rooms feature balconies that look over the historic downtown neighborhood and the best part - everyone gets a down south home-cooked breakfast in the dining room.

Just a peak at the lobby, library and some of the decor. 

I couldn't resist a picture of their shuttles the took us to the reception and dinner. Snazzy!

I didn't get any pictures of the reception, but it was hosted in another historic home on campus called the Spigner House. It was recently renovated too, and you can read all about the renovation here.

borrowed from online.

Following the reception we had dinner at Cola's - an amazing restraint with traditional favorites and a cool downtown vibe. 

The private dining room we had. Dinner was amazing - but I forgot to snag a pic of my food. Bourbon glazed Salmon over cheese grits and sautéed spinach, yum! 

At our delicious home-cooked breakfast the next morning, we had the delight of sitting next to Coach Steve Spurrier, who was {from what we could tell} visiting with some recruits. He looked so normal and down-to-earth. Not at all what I'm used to seeing on the field. haha If anyone is curious, his breakfast included fruit, bacon and cranberry juice - interesting combo. 

After saying our goodbye's we hit the road to Charlotte where we spent most of the day browsing Ikea and snagged quite a few treasurers for the house! I can't wait to share them with you later this week. But, if you're in the Columbia area and looking for a nice little getaway, I would highly recommend The Inn at USC and it's great location to downtown. 

Happy Monday friends! 


It's Friday!

Cheers my friends! ....to Friday, ...to the snowy weather on its way, ...and to making it through my second week at the new job. woo-hoo!! It's been a busy, but productive week and I'm happy to welcome Friday with a big smile and cheers to a long weekend ahead. Thought I would sharing a few things I'm loving lately.

My new white jacket from Nordstrom. Thanks to Natalie for sharing her steal last week - I snatched up one myself. It's the perfect winter coat - warm and snuggly - and great for momma's to be!

Office decorating is coming together this week. How cute is this gold puppy dog tape dispenser? I couldn't find it online - but they have it in the office supplies section at the store.

How great are these wooden state coasters? The perfect housewarming or hostess gift! The exact sets I bought went quick - but there are lots of options on Etsy.

Today, my old colleagues are throwing J and I a "going away" baby shower - so, so sweet! I can't wait to see them and also celebrate our little Lyon Cub. I'll be sure to share pictures next week.

Uptown Funk. Doesn't it just make you wanna jump up and dance?

Cheers to the weekend my friends! We are excited for some snow tonight {hopefully} and enjoying some down-time at home. We are both traveling for the next 5 weekends straight - so we are going to try and soak up as much of home as possible.


Baby Lyons | Week 19

How Far Along? 19 weeks

Size of Baby: A mango (6 inches long, 8.5 oz)  Feelin' the Mango love this week!

Gender: Saving this surprise for June!

Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds total from my starting weight and feeling really great.

Maternity Clothes: Loving my new PreggoLeggings, I could certainly live in them every day. 

Nursery:  We have made some progress! We purchased this dresser below on Sunday from Ikea... can't wait to add some new knobs and see it filled with baby gear.
Movement: I think I may have felt a little flutter this week. It was faint... but they say it's hard to tell the difference between baby and gas. Funny coincidence, huh? Hoping for more movement soon.

Symptoms: Pretty good week! The belly has really popped out this week - so some itchy skin and aches here and there. Nothing too unbearable. I did brake out my good ole' compression stockings last week after seeing a few veins sneaking out. 

Sleep: Really good for now.

Workouts: Made it to the gym for a few workouts last week. Took a few long walks - trying to get to those 10,000 steps a day. Also, made it out for a long run on Monday, that was much slower than normal, but felt so good! 

Cravings: Nothing too crazy this week. I have decided that the lil cub doesn't really care for french fries or any large amount of fried foods. I have been craving smoothies and fro-yo a lot. 

What I Miss: Nothing really. 

Best Moment This Week: Really seeing the belly pop out. You can defiantly tell there is a lil bambino in there. We enjoyed our trip to Ikea and picking out a few items for the nursery on Sunday. We have a sweet lil dresser to put together and a beautiful sheep skin throw for the glider. Also loved working on our baby list. 

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery and reaching the half-way mark so soon!. It's almost time for our next ultrasound too. Can't wait to see all those little fingers and toes. :)


Who said I wasn't ready for this?

I know the net few months of blogging are going to be filled with pregnancy posts, but I promise to try to also get back to crafts, cocktails and life in general. This was just too funny to share. Especially post holiday season, it's crazy to just look back at years' prior and laugh. My how things have changed... but I wouldn't change it for the world!


Baby Lyons | Week 18

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Size of Baby: A sweet potato (5.6 inches long, 6.7 oz)

Gender: It's going to be a surprise!

Weight Gain: Up 11 pounds total from my starting weight. I think my duck boots may have added a few additional pounds to my weigh-in today, but still feeling good about the steady gain. Want to be sure the lil cub is getting his fair share of nutrients. :)

Maternity Clothes: A friend gifted me two huge bags of maternity clothes this week. Lots of staples and cute tops and dresses. Excited to expand my wardrobe, thanks so much Shannon!  Also ordered a pair of PreggoLeggings. Can't wait for them to arrive. 

Nursery:  Well, I did move a couple boxes from the nursery closet on Saturday - that's counts for some sort of progress, right? Making a trip to Ikea on Sunday for a little nursery browsing, so excited!

Movement: Still waiting.... patiently. :)

Symptoms: It's been a good week - I think workouts have helped me sleep longer and have more energy. The belly is started getting in the way while sleeping, but pillows help. Same ole' lower back pain, feet that occasionally fall asleep, a runny nose, and of course, consistent hunger pains.

Sleep: Getting better. Only up once at night, and usually right back to sleep. Trying to decide the sweet spot.... some nights I sleep for 9+ hours and other 7. I think it really just depends on what I did each day - the more active, the more tired I am. Go figure, right? It's just amazing how exhausted I am at the end of the day - this baby making is hard work. Sometimes the belly gets in the way, but getting used to it. 

Workouts: It was a good week for workouts. I made it to the gym 3 times, with great workouts each time. I finally hit 10,000 steps 4 days on the fitbit too - great motivation to get moving!

Cravings: Smoothies, Fro-yo, Milk, Cinnamon Pecan Special K, Sprite {randomly once out to eat - and it was amazing}, Pizza as usual, cheese and crackers. 

What I Miss: nada really - enjoying a growing belly!

Best Moment This Week: Sharing some baby love with my AOII's last weekend and of course, starting my new job. Got the chance to hear your heart beat today and you were really chill - 137-134. Maybe that's a sign of how chill of a baby you're going to be... one can dream, right?

Looking Forward To: A free Friday night with the hubs, a trip with my former board to say goodbye, a trip to Ikea for some baby inspiration and a long weekend - polished off with KA's first sesquicentennial event on Monday!


Tasty Tuesday | Quick & Healthy Breakfasts

I am defiantly a breakfast gal - always have been - but especially more so nowadays, since I have a 3am breakfast, a 7am breakfast and 10am breakfast. No shame, right? It's all for the baby! Cereal is my go-to choice, but I'm starting to get tired and wanted to mix it up a little. Here are a few fun new ideas I thought would be good to make ahead and have ready to go for the week. Best of all, they are all pretty healthy.

What's your favorite homemade go-to breakfast for during the week? 


First Day!

Wish me luck... I'm off to my new digs this morning! 
Stumbled upon these amazing prints by Unraveled Design on Etsy. Very fun and whimsical - I hope you have a fabulous day.  


5 on Friday | Favorite Gifties

Oops! Forgot to publish today.... maybe it's Five on Friday night. We were both truly spoiled this Christmas, but also came home with lots of practical gifts too... like a new blender, measuring spoons, running socks, makeup, a microplane grater and a drill. But, joining the gals for five on friday today, I thought it would be fun to share some of my fun Christmas gifts. However, it was hard to pick just five.

{one} Fitbit Flex. Getting my booty off the sofa and walking. I have been loving my fitbit and finally hit 10,000 steps a day, but it was much harder than I thought. Now I just need to find more friends with a fitbit to take advantage of the challenges.
Thanks Mom and Pop!

{two} My Kate Spade Planner is already filling up with lots of exciting trips and events. Yay for 2015 planning. It's going to be a great year!
Thanks Lyons!
{three} My new yoga mat has already been put to use this week - and I was so happy to finally have my own squishy mat.... that even has it's own little carrying strap.
Thanks Mom and Pops!

{four} Our Stemware. Registering for our wedding we looked at dozens of crystal - and after awhile, they all started looking the same.  Then we came across this one, Richmond by Reed & Barton. The design reminded us of a pineapple top and the name was where we met - it was love at first sight! Now, we finally have a couple glasses to toast with!
Thanks Hubs!

{five}....and since the Baby Lyons got spoiled a little too, I  thought I would share some of my favorites for the little cub.
The Virginia Alphabet
Thanks Aunt Karen!

Bloomers and Bow-tie {made from one of my BM dresses}
Thanks Auntie Meg!

Brown Bear {It's also a book}
Thanks Auntie Lyns!

Baby Lion Bath Wrap
Thanks Auntie Dot!

Happy Friday. Today is my last day at O∆K, and while I'm going to miss some really wonderful co-workers, I'm so excited for my new adventure!

Cheers to the weekend!


New Office Inspiration Decor

In t-minus four days I start my new J-O-B. So pumped! Excited to jump in and get started on some new ideas, new projects, and most importantly in a brand new office space. I think 2015 is going to be a really great year.

I packed up my old office last weekend and brought it all over to the new one... but when I starting unpacking, I thought - this doesn't feel right. I needed some new inspiration. Something fresh and exciting! Simple and classy. Clean and crisp. So I started searching for some inspiration and wanted to share my ideas on the blog today. A few of my favorites.

And even a little inspiration for the conference room.... 

...and some ideas for wall decor and organization.
via BHG

via Mystikit.com

via The Wood Grain Cottage

Do you have a favorite item that you love, or that makes life easier at our office?  
Please do share!