Top Notch!

Just a little reminder for the rest of you our there who are also trying to scramble to close fiscal year-end. 
Happy Monday friends! 


Tasty Tuesday: Shrimp Pesto Pizza

I'm back for tasty Tuesday! After 3+ weeks of craziness, we are back to our normal routine of cooking at home and trying out some tasty meals. Last night was pizza and salad night at the Lyons' den and we created one of my favorite pizzas, Shrimp Pesto. Pretty simple and very tasty.


1 whole wheat pizza crust (we used Pillsbury artisan crust this time)
2 cups mozzerela cheese
2 dozen shrimp (peeled)
1/4 large onion
1 roma tomatoes
1 jar pesto-garlic sauce

A few tips for the perfect pizza - be sure to shred your cheese from the block, it melts much better. We sautéed our shrimp with the onions for a few minutes before placing on top of pizza - just to be sure they were done and had some good flavor. I also like my onions cooked before being placed on the pizza. We always add olive oil and Italian seasoning to our crust when cooking it. Gives it some great flavor.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did! I'll be back soon to share some house renovations, it's looking so great and I am dying to share.