6 Month's to go!

Today is dedicated to my great friends Sydney & Greg! Syd is one of my closest friends, an Auburn grad and fellow MANGO. She is such an amazing, smart, talented and beautiful lady... who will become a Mrs. is just 6 months!! It's amazing to watch a relationship grow... from college days to post-graduate school, through last night study sessions and road trips with great friends. We have loved getting to know this couple (me- from the very beginning, and Jesse- more recently) and we can not wait to be there with you to say your "I do's" on December 30, 2011!

May 2009... before we had our bling!

With our new rocks!!!

We love you guys!


Summertime Sweetness

Virginia is such a wonderful place to live.... except that I don't have my favorite little ones around the corner. I rely on Facebook pictures and updates from my sister-in-laws to watch them change in grow. It's so hard being away from these beautiful smiles, so I just wanted to share the latest summertime pic I have of my 7 nieces and nephews...

The Mobile Elleard's: Bailey, Landon, Jayden, Baby Elijah & Makenzie

The Key West Elleard's: Baby Lucas & Emilia Cay


It's hard to believe that just one month ago we were sitting on the sandy white beaches of Antigua... eager to see some fun pictures from the wedding. One month later and we are still enjoying all the pictures coming in... since this is my first post, I thought I would share just a glimpse of our perfect wedding day!

Honeymoon pictures to come....