Summer Weekend'ing

It was the perfect lil lazy summer weekend. Sometimes we love to go, go, go and other times it's nice to not even leave the house. Which is basically what we did this weekend. Well, sorta.

I did slip away from work at 2PM Friday to take advantage of our "summer Friday's" and finally got a pedicure. Dutch Tulips for the win!

That evening we braved the storms and went to Friday's Alive, our little outdoor concert series in downtown. We decided to get a sitter for Ford, since he goes to bed at 6:30 PM (yes, you read that right - homeboy is growing. like crazy.), but also so I could work the first shift before switching off with Jesse and taking Annalee home.
The girls ran, and ran, and ran. They were exhausted. It was great fun!

The hubs has to work mid-day Saturday, so we slept in (or he let me), ate a big breakfast, played with the kiddos and got out for a family walk. The rain moved in and we settled in for the afternoon - lunches, naps and lots of time with Annalee's new toys.

Ford woke up from his second nap around 3:30 p.m. and I decided to throw the kiddos in the car and check off one thing from our summer bucket list. We hit the road to BV - just a 15 minute drive - to Ice Slice. It was so worth actually having to get dressed and get the kids out in the rain. So fun, and delicious!
If you haven't tried rolled ice cream, it's so good. 

We also took pictures by the new mural in downtown and walked up and down Magnolia searching for "big bugs". Annalee was happy to break-in her new umbrella and I was happy for the 1.5 hour distraction before Dad got home.

We cooked an easy summer supper Saturday night - pork tenderloin and sweet potato fries - and called it an early night.

Sunday we also slept-in (or I let Dad sleep in), ate another yummy breakfast and headed out for a family walk to the play ground. This little one has been trying to walk, and is pulling up on everything.
We worked in the yard, cleaned out closets and packed up baby clothes (Tear!) Folded 4 piles of laundry and went to the grocery store. It was a fast weekend, but we are happy to see the beautiful weather on tap this week.

If anyone is searching for festive outfits for the 4th, Zulily has some really cute ones... I want so many, it's hard to pick. Does anyone else have anxiety over buying "fancy" aka, smocked outfits for the kiddos for one specific holiday, when they will only wear them once? Take 4th of July for example, maybe we can wear them a couple times that week, but otherwise - are flags silly to wear all summer. They aren't right?

Cheers to a great week ahead!

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