Samford Walker | 10 Months

Ten Month Highlights:
  • 21lbs, 6 ozs. (at 9 mo), 31 inches long, 18 1/2 in head circumference (at 9 mo)
  • Big Brown Eyes 
  • Light Brown Hair with a couple adorable curls in the back
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothing and 18 month pajamas \\ Pampers Size 3 diapers (we are close to a 4) \\ Size 2 shoes
  • Nicknames: Little Man, Baby Ford, Brother Bear, Little Buddy
  • Firsts: Trying to pull up on everything! You want to walk so bad, always standing when we put you down and pulling up to stand on anything. You love crawling on top of small boxes, under tables, etc. You love to explore... and man are you quick! Waving! You have started moving your right hand like you are trying to wave and say hello!
  • You have the biggest smile and brightest eyes - and boy to you love your momma, daddy and sister. To see your face light up is just amazing! 
  • We are holding strong at 6 teeth. You love to eat, but also love to chipmunk - storing food in your cheeks while you gobble, gobble. 
  • Tricks: You understand when I say stop, you do. You also respond to your name really well! You love when you spot mommy, daddy or sissy and you come crawling! 
  • Food: Momma's Milk - We send three 5 oz. bottles during the day and you nurse in the morning and at night. You also get three solid meals a day, sometimes avocado, chopped fruit and puffs. Or pureed veggies, shredded cheese and a couple crackers. We introduced more solid foods this month - diced ham, chicken, all veggies and fruits. Basically everything but honey. 
  • Sleep: You go down between 6:30/7 and wake up around 6 AM. You love to sleep in a sleep sack on your belly in your crib.
  • You are a good napper, giving us 2 strong naps during the day. 10 am and 2 pm. 
  • We didn't travel much this month - spent a lot of time at home with Mommy - as Daddy had quite a bit of travel. We had lots of help from friends and sitters. 
  • We took one trip on your first Memorial Day to Smith Mountain Lake for your first KA Lake Day. You chilled in the shade on the dock, but loved being on the water. 
  • We spent your first Derby/Cinco at the Braddick's with a fun little celebration. 
  • My first Mother's Day with you was very special - we went to early church, had a delicious brunch at home and spent the afternoon at Rockbridge Vineyards. You and your sissy bought momma matching ferns for the front porch. 
  • You always have the best days at Mrs. Steph's and love your friend Ellie - who is just a couple weeks older than you.  
  • You have the highest pitched squeal - always when you are happy - but man are you loud. 
  • We pulled out the doorway bouncer this month, you don't love it - but it keeps you busy for a few minutes. 
  • You love to play independently, crawling all over the play room, but you love to find all the things you can't have... cords, floor vents, random small pieces on the floor, sisters milk cups. 
  • So happy we steered clear of the pacifier 
  • Purchases this month: 18 month pj's and clothes, baby San Suns sandals, Food. Lots of food. 
Ten Month Favorites {Items We Couldn't Live Without}:
Sleep Sacks \\ Ergo 360 \\ Teething biscuits \\ Little People \\ Baby books
Baby bath tub \\  Silicone bibs \\ High-chair seat \\ outdoor pop up seat
....and and all toys he can get his hands on! 

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