1st Day of Christmas

The holidays have arrived!!  December is one of my FAVORITE months of the year... of course, it is Christmas and MY birthday month. But my favorite reason that I love this season is just how happy everyone is!  I mean... it's hard not to be happy during this season. With Holiday parties in full swing and everyone decking their halls with bells of holly, it truly is the happiest time of the year!

This year I have decided to dedicate to dedicate each day in December to one of my favorite holiday traditions!  {Sorta like an blog advent calendar}  Today marks the first favorite of the season...

#1  Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes

Truth be told, these tasty lil treats are the only Little Debbie snack cakes {with cream filling} that I love. The easter basket cakes and original ones are just not as good.  I picked up a box this week and on December 1st enjoyed my first one for the season!!  TIS THE SEASON! {for eating all the things we love}

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